What is Everbloom?

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Everbloom is a decentralized exchange launched in the summer of 2018 supporting Ethereum and ERC20 tokens (with plans for more blockchains and tokens on the way).

Our founding team is comprised of enterprise and startup professionals, both on the business and engineering side. We bring professional experience to the landscape of decentralized exchanges.

Andrew Rollins and Scott Pirrello founded the company in the winter of 2017. They are joined by great team members.

As a company, we believe in a core set of principles:

  • Professionalism - we want our users to feel confident doing business on our platform.
  • Simplicity - our products should be clean, intuitive, and simple
  • Liquidity - our users should have access to the best pools of liquidity across decentralized protocols
  • Compliance - we are working to obtain the required licenses allowing users to trade both utility and security tokens on our platform
  • Security - our founding team has over a decade of experience managing millions of dollars of cloud infrastructure at scale with no breaches
  • Performance  -  our platform should be fast and reliable.

For more information, see our blog post, Everbloom: Who, What, Why?.

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