Token Listing Requirements and Application

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If you are interested in getting your token listed on Everbloom, please read our listing requirements and procedure below.

Listing Requirements

When listing new tokens, we look for the following characteristics:

Developed, to date code
As expected, one of the most important aspects of a cryptocurrency project is the technology behind it. Therefore, we will verify that your product or blockchain is actively under development. This means checking Github or other relevant material.

Capable team with a proven track record 
While we acknowledge that everyone must start somewhere, the team behind your project is one of the most important aspects of consideration. A team with a proven track record is a good indication in the future of the business.

Active community support 
The amount of active community support behind a product can be representative of the overall strength of the company. It is important to direct us to your most active forms of community engagement. 

Funding History 
In order for a new business to continue operating on a day to day basis, funding or revenue is a necessity. Without proper capital, it is extremely unlikely the business will be sustainable. Make us aware of your company's funding history to help us evaluate your token and help you get listed on Everbloom. 

Listing Application

If you would like to apply for a new token listing on the Everbloom Exchange, please fill out the following Google Form: Everbloom Token Listing Application.

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How to get your token listed on Everbloom