Integrated Fiat-to-Crypto Calculators

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We understand that not everyone thinks in terms of crypto even when trading their favorite tokens. Because of this, we are extremely excited to introduce users to our integrated calculators indicated by the blue icon next to each of the four sections; BUY, PRICE, TOTAL and ORDER EXPIRES IN.

  • Buy/Sell: When making an order, users can now enter in an amount in USD you want to buy/sell and we will complete the three fields; BUY, PRICE and TOTAL for you. The default price per token used in this situation will be the current best ask/bid depending if you are making a buy or sell order respectively. On top of this, users are also given the option of filling in the last traded amount of tokens.
  • Price: When choosing a price per token, users are now able to quickly fill in the Current Best Ask, Current Best Bid or Last Trade Price. Furthermore, users can enter in the price per token they want in USD and have it filled in as ETH for them in the box.
  • Total: Users can choose the amount of ETH they want to spend on the order by opting with 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of their exchange ether balance. Furthermore, users can enter in an amount of USD they want the entire order to be and all three sections of the make order will be filled in for them. This is the exact same calculator button as the first Buy/Sell section.
  • Order Expires In: Users can enter in the number of hours/days they want their order to remain active and have it translated into blocks based on the current average block time of the network. The default setting is 50,000 blocks, but users are able to edit this as seen below.

One thing to note is that all calculator popup action will result in an auto-recalculation. Meaning any inputs you may have previously entered will be replaced based upon the number entered into the calculator.

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