IMF Blogs on Cryptocurrencies/Virtual Currencies

The following is a list of commentary from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) relating to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

1/20/16Virtual Currencies: The Public Impact of Private MoneyExamines the benefits and risks that virtual currencies have and the solution the IMF and governmental agencies have to addressing these aspects
3/21/17Fintech—A Brave New World for the Financial Sector?Acknowledging the rapid innovations of technological innovations and framing the question if we're heading to a "brave new world"
5/26/17Democratizing the Money MarketAcknowledging potential of Fintech innovations
6/20/17Fintech: Capturing the Benefits, Avoiding the RisksPresents possibilities of Fintech and their outlook on regulating innovations
7/26/17Stepping up the Fight Against Money Laundering and Terrorist FinancingHighlighting areas where regulators need to focus on combating issues with money laundering and terrorist financing
3/13/18Addressing the Dark Side of the Crypto WorldIdentifying the perils of crypto-assets

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Regulator Publishings on Cryptocurrencies